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What Jacket to wear with a Dress

You’ve found the perfect dress but now it’s time to think about which jacket you should wear. Depending on the occasion and the weather, picking the right jacket to complement your favourite dress can be difficult. With the help of our amazing stylists here at DLSB we have a complete style guide for inspiration on what jackets to wear with various styles of dresses - from bodycon minis with blazers to long sleeve maxis with trench coats, find the go-to jacket for your dress style here at DLSB.

One of the biggest challenges in fashion is the question of how you can wear your favourite dress all year-round without sacrificing warmth for style. The answer is, the right jacket. Finding the perfect style of jacket that will work for you is the key to keeping your favourite dress timeless and wearable no matter the season or occasion. Depending on the style of dress you usually lean towards the most, determines the style of jacket you should wear with it. If you prefer a more smart-casual style, then adding a blazer jacket or trench coat to your dress will allow you to keep your look chic and ready for all occasions. On the other hand if you prefer a more laid back vibe then choose a denim jacket or fun patterned blazer to pair with your dresses. Get inspired with a number of fashion-forward jacket and dress combos below to find your new must-have look.

What jacket to wear with a mini dress

If your go-to style of dress is a mini dress and you’re struggling to find the ideal jacket to wear with it, we’re here to help. We recommend pairing your favourite mini dress with an oversized denim jacket, either in a traditional blue denim wash or a fun colour to complement any vivid hues in your dress. For example, this mini white, pink and red floral dress would pair perfectly with a bright pink denim jacket matching the colours in the pattern of the dress. The oversized style of a relaxed denim jacket offsets the shortness of the dress and balances out the look - it’s perfect for a spring or summer day to night outfit.

If your mini dress has a loud pattern or a standout design that you wish to still show off then a short cropped jacket like a cropped blazer is a great option as it keeps the attention on the dress whilst still keeping you covered. A cropped blazer gives a mini dress a more smart-casual look perfect for formal occasions or weddings. Choose a cropped jacket or blazer in a simple, versatile colour like black so that it can be worn with a variety of dresses in diverse patterns and styles all year round.

To find the perfect jacket and mini dress look for you browse our full collection of mini dresses online at DLSB.

What jacket to wear with a bodycon dress

Bodycon dresses are a must-have in every girl's wardrobe - they work for all occasions; nights out, weddings, formal dinners, you name it and there’s a bodycon dress made for it. However, on some occasions you may want to pair your bodycon dress with a jacket for an extra-layer of warmth or to make the look more formal. Complement the fitted-style of a bodycon dress with an oversized blazer for a chic silhouette - choose a fun, patterned blazer to offset a classic bodycon little black dress to create an outfit perfect for an occasion such as date night.

Bodycon dresses are great for a night out but sometimes you need an extra layer to keep you warm as the night goes on. A leather blazer or oversized leather jacket is a great addition to a bodycon dress for an edgy yet stylish look - choose an ultra-bright or patterned dress to pair with a chic leather jacket to balance out the outfit. 

An oversized blazer is key to making any outfit look more put together, and with the right accessories it can be tailored to fit any occasion - add statement jewellery and chunky boots with your blazer and bodycon for a fun casual ‘fit or keep it sleek and simple with a pair of heels and a polished make-up look for a more formal look.

To find the perfect bodycon dress and jacket to match your style take a look at our collection of on-trend, unique bodycon dresses and jackets to create your new go-to outfit.

What Jacket to wear with a Maxi Dress

If you’re wondering what jacket to wear with a long dress then don’t worry, we’re here to help. Whether you want to keep it simple with a classic black maxi dress or you’re opting for a more colourful, patterned maxi, you can’t go wrong with a chic faux leather trench coat. A longline trench coat pairs perfectly with any style of dress, especially if you choose a trench coat in a neutral tone like beige as it can be seamlessly paired with any colour, pattern or style of dress.

When choosing a jacket to wear with a maxi dress you must consider the length of the jacket you’re choosing in relation to the dress. If you’re going for a streamline, chic look, then a longline coat is a great option and can also provide a lot of warmth or protection from the weather.

However, if you want to create a flattering hourglass silhouette, choose a cropped jacket or blazer to define your waistline and also show off any patterns or design features in the dress. A cropped blazer jacket is versatile and can be paired with almost any style of maxi dress. Choosing a cropped blazer in a bold colour can complement any designs with similar hues in a dress and can also be a bold feature of your outfit when paired with a simple maxi dress, depending on your personal style preferences.

Shop all maxi dress styles online at DLSB to find the perfect outfit for you.

What jacket to wear with a t-shirt dress

T-Shirt dresses are one of the most popular, timeless fashion trends - they’re available in a wide range of colours, patterns, materials and styles to suit any individual for any occasion. If you’ve found the perfect t-shirt dress but are struggling to find the right jacket to pair with it, you can’t go wrong with a shacket. Shackets are a great outerwear choice for almost any dress for an effortlessly casual look - choose a bold patterned shacket to pair with a simple block coloured t-shirt dress to create your new go-to spring and summer daytime look.

Another great shacket style to pair with your go-to t-shirt dress is a classic checked shacket - perfect for transitioning into the colder months and also as a spring layering piece on cooler days. They come in a variety of colours to suit your personal style and can be paired with almost any outfit - with a simple plain white t-shirt dress, choose a fun coloured, checked shacket to add a pop of colour and show off your personality through your outfit. 

Shackets enable you to add a unique spin to a simple look and are a great way to stay warm whilst still showing off your favourite t-shirt dress. Shop this shacket look at DLSB and browse our full collection of  t-shirt dresses to create your own combo.

What jacket to wear with a long sleeve dress

Long sleeved dresses are the perfect way to wear your favourite dress styles in the colder months - layer them up with tights, boots and a stylish jacket and you’re good to go. One of the most popular long sleeved dress options are midi-length, as they come in a variety of colours, patterns and designs to suit your individual style. Long sleeve midis pair perfectly with an equal-length jacket such as a trench coat or longline jacket - a lightweight, faux leather trench coat is a great alternative to a classic leather jacket to turn any dress into a chic, smart-casual ‘fit.

A leather trench coat gives the same edgy effect that a traditional leather jacket would but in a more chic silhouette that complements the style of a long sleeve dress perfectly whilst also providing sufficient warmth. A leather trench coat can be dressed up or down depending on the style of dress you choose to pair it with and how it is accessorised - making it a great all year-round jacket choice that can be easily matched with any of your favourite dresses.

Alternatively, a long sleeve dress can also be paired with a longline gilet for an autumn and winter look that showcases the dress underneath instead of covering it. A heavyweight, longline borg gilet is a great option to pair with a patterned long sleeve dress for the ultimate layered look. The gilet style of the jacket provides warmth and breathability at the same time and is perfect for a casual daytime look in the colder seasons.

To recreate these looks or find inspiration for jackets to pair with your favourite dresses, shop all long sleeve dresses online at DLSB today.

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Now that your question of what jacket is best to wear with your dress has been answered, it's time to start putting together some amazing stylish dress and jacket looks! Find further inspiration for on-trend looks in our DLSB Style Guide blogs and browse our full collection of dresses and jackets to find your new favourite go-to look here at DLSB.

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