How to Style a Shacket

How to Style a Shacket

Shackets are a must-have wardrobe staple. From the bold and fierce patterns, to the nude and subtle colour schemes, shackets are versatile pieces of clothing with a huge potential. Perfect for the end of summer and beginning of autumn, and ideal for layering in the cold winter, shackets can be styled with almost anything. There are no limits for the daring ladies, your options are endless! 

When styled properly, shackets are totally flattering on all body types. A shacket can be a statement piece or a neutral one. Whether you’re looking for a buttoned-up dressy look or a dressed down casual look, we’ve got you covered with style inspiration here at DLSB.

How to Style a Shacket with Patterns 

Don’t be afraid to brighten up your wardrobe with a bold and beautiful shacket. The simplest way to add something extra to an everyday casual outfit is by adding a shacket. By pairing neutral or monochrome colours with a patterned or bright shacket, you can create a high-contrast look. If you’re more interested in clashing colours than contrasting them, you can always use a multi-colour layered over a bright outfit to really make a statement. 

For the dolls with a seasonal wardrobe, you can easily pick patterned shackets in tonal colours. Pick a brown or nude checked jacket for an autumnal look, or maybe a red or green one for those Christmas-inspired colours - and bright colours never fail to amaze in the summer! The easiest way to style a patterned shacket year-round is by working with similar colours or pairing with black or white. 

If you’re more of a monochrome wardrobe gal and not so into the bright colours, you can still create a striking look with a patterned shacket. Why not pair a grey leopard print pattern with a black and white outfit? Leopard print never goes out of style, so you’ll always be on trend and ready for whatever the day throws at you. Switch out the black jacket for a patterned one for a casual yet stylish  ‘oh, I just threw this outfit together’ vibe.

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How to Accessorise a Shacket

Don’t worry doll, shackets are extremely easy to dress up (or down) with accessories. You can pair them with casual handbags, across the shoulder bags, or even backpacks. If you want to show off a bit of glam, you can opt for a clutch bag or a bag that makes a statement. When wearing a plain shacket, pick a bag with bright colours, patterns, or detailing that creates a visual contrast.

If you want to step it up, you can add a belt too. Picking a matching bag and belt combo will really help draw attention to your outfit. But if carrying a bag isn’t really your vibe, then you can always ditch the bag and go for a bolder belt. A wide waist belt is a great option to add some detailing to your outfit and make the shacket pop. Some shackets can be styled with rolled up sleeves, so feel free to accessorise with your favourite jewellery!

Alternatively, if you want to personalise your shacket, you can always add little accessories such as pins, brooches or patches, just to add those little custom touches. Bonus points if you can use matching bags, brooches, and belts! 

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How to Style a Shacket with a Skirt

Shackets really are the perfect wardrobe staple, because they’re so versatile. There are so many different ways to style a shacket with a skirt, and they can be worn in all seasons. For the girls that like to show a bit of skin, you can wear a mini skirt with your favourite top and a shacket. Pair the outfit with some Chelsea or combat boots for a super cute look. If you’re into mini skirts but don’t want to feel the cold, you can add a pair of over-the-knee or thigh high boots instead. You could even use a longline shacket to cover up, and wear like a coat, just unbutton when it gets too hot for a sleek and modern look! 

If you prefer a longer length skirt, then try pairing a shacket with a fitted pencil skirt to contrast the oversized look of the shacket, creating a flattering outfit that contours the body. A longline shacket or a belted shacket would also look great here to help frame and flatter your figure. 

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How to Style a Shacket with Jeans

Probably the perfect thing to compliment your shacket, it’s so easy to create a fabulous look with jeans and a shacket, whether you want to go casual or dressy. 

The best way to create a versatile look is with skinny or fitted jeans. With plain black or blue jeans, you can pick any colour or patterned shacket to match your outfit. Go for trainers or boots for an everyday look, or go dressy with your favourite pair of heels. This is ideal for bottomless brunch with the girls, that usually ends with drinks at the bar. You can accessorise with bags, belts, hats and jewellery to create a flawless look. Longline shackets are also an incredible match for skinny jeans, as this creates more drama and flair. 

For day trips or if you’re hitting the shops you can wear a cropped or regular shacket with a pair of mom jeans or straight leg jeans for a more relaxed fit and a chic look. Pair with boots or trainers, it’s up to you doll, it’ll look great either way!

Layer with jumpers, sweatshirts, or turtlenecks in the colder weather, and as the warmer weather comes back around, try it with a graphic tee! 

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Amplify Your Style 

Make a statement with our range of shackets, bound to be a new wardrobe favourite. An ideal year-round piece of clothing which guarantees comfort and eye-catching looks, find your ideal style and fit with our full collection.

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