8 Leather Trousers Outfit Ideas

8 Leather Trousers Outfit Ideas

Leather trousers never go out of style, sometimes you just need some inspiration on how to style them! Sandy Dee’s all black leather look in Grease isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. With a range of different styles and colours, we can help you find your perfect fit. A pair of leather trousers can be styled to make sure you are ready for the office, a girl’s night out, or just ready for the day ahead. 

Our faux leather pants come in a range of styles and colours meaning whatever style you’re looking for, we’ve got the option for you at DLSB. Keep reading as we share our top leather pants outfit ideas to get heads turning wherever you go. 

How to Style Leather Trousers with a Shirt

Pairing leather-look trousers with a shirt already adds a little extra something to an office-ready outfit. But if you want to be more daring and create a bolder look, there are a couple of variations you can make to enhance this fabulous outfit. 

By opting for a white shirt, you’re able to keep it lowkey with a pair of black leather trousers, or go for a brighter colour that will pop. A hot pink shirt and black leather trousers is sure to create style envy! Similarly, if you choose coloured leather trousers you can opt for a darker shirt that makes a high contrast - think red and black for a unique look that’s on the bolder side.

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Styling a Shacket with Leather Trousers

Adding a shacket with a pair of leather pants is great for creating a smart-casual look. For the dolls that like to look effortlessly stylish but not too laid back, try adding a shacket and a pair of trainers or boots. 

Go with a black pair of leather trousers and a patterned or brightly coloured shacket to create a more dramatic look. By adding a pair of black boots, you can draw more attention to the leather look by creating an elongating effect on the legs, contrasted by the colourful shacket.

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Styling Leather Trousers with a Blazer

Arguably the best way to style a pair of leather pants to create a tasteful and classic look is to add an iconic blazer. This really makes a statement, perfect for those that want to create a fierce look. Go for a boldly coloured blazer with black leather trousers for a contemporary feel, or a shirtless blazer for a more sultry option. Or if you want a more contemporary look that’s less revealing, go for a cropped blazer with high waisted leather leggings!

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Pair Leather Trousers with Heels

For a more dressed up look, pick out your favourite pair of heels! When paired with black leather trousers, this makes a modern and elegant look. Instantly transform your outfit with a pair of chunky heels or stilettos, depending on your preference. 

Adding a pair of pointy toed heels is an all time favourite way of levelling up your style when wearing leather pants. Showing a bit of skin creates a contrast that enhances the outfit, especially when paired with a low cut top or blazer. It can be an empowering way to create an iconic outfit suited to a night out.

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Pair Leather Trousers with Trainers

For some casual chic, trainers are a great option. White trainers can make your leather-look trousers stand out, and go with almost any colour of leather pants. When wearing black trousers, we suggest that you don’t opt for black leather trainers as this can cause a blocky appearance. Instead, you could use suede or fabric for a contrasting look, or switch out the black shoes for a pair of white trainers. 

Style note: if you want to wear shiny black shoes with leather trousers, you could opt for a pair of loafers to create an on-trend casual look.

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Style Leather Trousers with a Jumper

Leather leggings combined with a jumper or sweatshirt creates a simple yet put together look. Perfect for the colder days, you can also experiment with layering, by wearing a jumper vest with a long sleeved collared shirt underneath to create a bit of contrast. 

Wear an oversized jumper for a cute casual look, or choose a sleeveless jumper with a shirt underneath, and a pair of boots or heels for a smart and sophisticated style. It’s hard to go wrong with a jumper and leather leggings!

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Styling Leather Trousers with a T-shirt

Adding a graphic tee to your leather trousers is a dream. It’s so easy to put together a great outfit and if you like a cool, laidback look, then this is an ideal combo. For a more flattering shape that contours your figure, choose a tight-fitting tee or crop top with high waisted leather leggings. Or you can tuck your favourite graphic t-shirt into the waistband for a cleaner look. 

Alternatively, if body hugging t-shirts aren’t your style you can opt for an oversized t-shirt to stay in your comfort zone whilst still giving off major style vibes. You can always try the French-tuck to create more shape!

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Accessorise Your Leather Trousers Outfit

Accessorising is one of the best ways to glam up an outfit. Some might worry about using too much leather, but don’t worry doll, we’ll explain how to use your accessories effectively. 

What’s a girl to do without a trusty handbag? When adding a handbag, you can use a tote or canvas bag when dressing casually, but adding a leather bag can easily help you create an iconic look. The trick is to add a statement bag to your outfit, such as an over the shoulder leather bag that has visual appeal. Go for a brightly coloured bag, with a metal clasp or chain straps and attachments so that there are differing elements added to the outfit. Or when using a black leather bag, make sure it has some studding or quilting to create extra textures for contrast. 

Add jewellery for flair, focusing on the wrists and hands. Chances are, when you're outside your hands will be by your sides. Adding some gold jewellery will create a stand-out look, especially if you’re wearing black leather trousers. In colder weather, a matching glove and hat combo is a welcome addition. 

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Leather Up & Level Up Your Style with our Leather Trousers outfit ideas

The leather-look trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Follow our style guide to start turning heads as you walk down the street. Adding a little bit of leather to your wardrobe opens up a whole new range of styling opportunities to enhance everyday outfits. Find your newest wardrobe staple by browsing our Leather Edit.

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