Christmas Day Outfit Ideas for 2022

Christmas Day Outfit Ideas for 2022

Planning the perfect Christmas outfit can be stressful, but we’re here to make that job a little easier for you by giving you some style inspo. From gift opening, to hearty Christmas dinners and festive parties, we’ve got a range of style ideas to help you spend December 25th in style. 

Lunch with the family at home? Wear a comfy casual outfit (and eat to your heart's content!), or if you’re headed for a fancy meal, glam it up with a pleated jumpsuit or skirt. And when the winter’s sun goes down, get ready for the festivities with an elegant dress, or snuggle up by the fireplace in your PJs. Whatever your style doll, we’ve got it covered! Read on to find our top Christmas Day outfit ideas for 2022.

Casual Christmas Day Outfits

If you’re having a relaxed day indoors, a casual outfit may be the best way to go. Jumpers and knitwear are great options, as you can glam them up or dress them down as you like! 

Keeping in theme with the festive season we recommend going for a green or red jumper. Pair it with leggings and trainers for a super casual feel, or upgrade the look with a cute mini skirt and a pair of boots. 

If jumpers aren’t really your thing, go for a classic cable-knit cardigan instead. The neutral tones of a cream knitted cardigan work with almost anything you throw together, whether that be a graphic tee and a miniskirt or a cute skater dress. 

Glam Christmas Day Outfits

When you’re heading out for a Christmas meal and you want to turn heads, you can up the ante with a bold festive skirt, or an elegant dress to stand out from the crowd. In keeping with the festive theme, a maxi dress in a stunning shimmery green makes a gorgeous festive look. You can also opt for a classic red or black for a purely elegant look. Stylise the dress with a gold belt, high heels, and your favourite handbag to add even more glam.

If you prefer a skirt, go bold for a more dramatic effect. Christmas sparks a trend in glitter, sparkles, and metallic colour schemes. Pair with a neutral shirt and simply add a clutch bag and a pair of heels for a fantastic look. 

Not taken by the idea of a dress or skirt? Turn everyone green with envy with a full length pleated jumpsuit. The long sleeves will keep you warm in the winter, whilst the flowing pleats add an air of elegance. Accessorising with a jumpsuit is easy, simply add a belt to cinch your waist and create a flattering shape.

Christmas Party Outfits 

When the real party gets underway and you’re going to dance the night away, opt for a beautiful dress that’s unapologetically stylish. A longer length wrap dress, paired with a contemporary bag creates a classical inspired look with a modern twist, and is perfect for a party. Style with gold accessories and a pair of heels to finish off the look. You could also get your Marilyn moment in a dress with more flow. Pleated dresses are making a huge comeback this year, which flatter the figure and look great.

If you’re into the alternative, effortlessly fashionable look, opt for a leopard print dress in an elegant style and get spotted in the crowd. If you’re worried about heels hurting your feet after a long night of dancing, pair with some combat boots and a matching bag to give a more rounded look.

Christmas Loungewear

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a cosy pair of pj’s or loungewear! We couldn’t exclude a section on super comfy clothing! For the dolls who like a lazy day, snuggled up with a hot chocolate, this section is for you. 

For a cute and ultra comfy look, don an oversized hoodie, or hoodie blanket. No accessories needed, this is all about relaxation. If you need to style one with a front pocket, we recommend using it to keep your favourite snacks handy. 

If you want a more versatile option, go for a comfy co-ord set. Perfect for busy Christmas days, from opening your gifts to eating Christmas dinner and watching your favourite Christmas films. If you need to leave the comfort of the couch to go outside, style with a pair of trainers! 

Celebrate Christmas In Style With DLSB

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, find the perfect outfit to do it in! With a huge range of clothing, we’re sure you’ll find something you love. If you need more inspiration on how to style your outfits check out the other style guides in our blog, like the Shop, Drop and Sparkle Edit. Or browse our Christmas collection.

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